Sullivans Cove Whisky

Sullivans Cove Whisky
Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart, Tasmania ~ June 2, 2015
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Sullivans Cove Whisky don’t need to tell you their single malt is the best – the World Whiskies Award in London already did. An impressive feat considering making the stuff at all was banned in Tassie til 15 years ago. They can’t reveal their trade secrets but it won’t stop us from guessing. Is there something in the waters of the Tasman Sea? All we know is Sullivans Cove must sprinkle fairy dust into every single bottle.


Down at Sullivans they call themselves Whisky Fiends, a title that Marketing Manager Bert Cason explains. “By chance, whisky is like a very strong, gravitational force that pulls like-minded people together.”


Bert Cason: [The prohibition] gave the industry a great story for a start, but also created an environment where, due to the small scale, the product had to be exceptional in order to make its mark on the world.


The process for creating a great whisky is patience and good ingredients. [Sullivans Cove] is very simple whisky made with great local ingredients. When we choose a cask to bottle we normally go on what we reckon would make a great sessional dram, something we’d like to drink all night and looks like the judges normally agree.


The French Oak is a single cask bottling of whisky matured in a single French oak port cask, the American Oak single cask is the same thing but in an ex-bourbon American oak cask and the double cask is a vatting of the two.

We offer tours of the distillery Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm. Tours include tastings and you get to say that you saw where the world’s best single malt was made. Plus it’s really great fun!




I don’t drink coffee, but I like drinking beer at the Waterfront Hotel in Bellerive, it can be a bit rough sometimes but it’s got the best location of any bar in Hobart and it’s near my house.


I like most 2nd hand bookshops around town or at Salamanca Market.


Sailing on the river.

Local Knowledge

It can be snowing on the mountain and jumper weather in town.

Best road trip

Sitting on the back of my mate’s ute driving to a brewery back in 2002 and these two cats pull up next us on the highway, both vehicles are doing about 120km/h at the time, and they hand over a few 6 packs like when a fighter jet gets refuelled mid-air. It was a brilliant act of random kindness that set us up for a large afternoon.

Dream road trip

More of the above with good mates would be a treat.


Most people won’t know that you can buy your own 20 litre barrel of Sullivans Cove!

Sullivans Cove Whisky

1/10 Lamb Place, Cambridge, Tasmania

+61 (03) 6248 5399




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