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Nook Architecture

Geelong ~ November 6, 2014
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Nook Architecture

Christina is clean, structured and minimalist. Both in the strong, modern lines in her architecture projects and in her straight gold bob. Christina worked with huge firms in the big smoke before moving to Geelong to start her own thing, using connections she formed in Deakin Architecture school. One day, she wants to change the way we think about their environments.

Christina Metcalfe: I’m an architect, passionate about all things building. Clean, classic and timeless is what I aim for in every project, unless of course my client wants to have some fun with something wacky, like orange and pink carpet.

Nook Architecture in Factory 21

Nook Architecture in Factory 21

I spent five years in Melbourne and worked for some award winning architecture firms and enjoyed every moment of it. This gave me a good grounding to think about starting my own practice. Geelong seemed the most logical choice, since I had built networks with local business people through projects I had worked on in the past and felt the town was about to flourish. My business is a small boutique design studio that aims to deliver innovative solutions to building design in the Geelong and surf coast region.

I’m inspired by Luis Barragan (Mexican master) for colour and light, Sanaa (a Japanese architecture firm), and Seidler and Andrew Maynard from Australia. I also get inspiration from other Architects (from students through to the most experienced Architects), every day from looking at every building I walk past or in (a favourite pastime of mine) and of course the world of architecture and design blogs.

Nook Architecture in Factory 21

Nook Architecture in Factory 21

Geelong’s creative scene is growing, exciting and progressive. It is slower paced and balanced (except when my projects are due), with a focus on being active and healthy. I find it’s quite a sporty, social place. Geelong has so many places to run, walk, ride, swim if you’re into that kind of thing. Also with the coast not far away, there are so many options – and countless places to have a beer and wine.

My dream project would be something food and sustainability focused, a collective of businesses (like Factory 21) where people from all walks of life can meet to share food, ideas and life. The client would be someone who would fund this project. Who knows, maybe one day it will be me!

The Tops


King of the Castle – amazing coffee of course and vibe.


Second Mode, my favourite second hand clothing store. I’ve picked up a few great vintage finds there.

Holiday Destination

Mexico, Mexico and Mexico! Locally, Point Addis for coast and Castlemaine for tree time.


Trail running down the coast or at the You Yangs and body surfing (sounds geeky I know, but I never made a good surfer, and body surfing isn’t so hard!)

Local Knowledge

After work Friday nights aren’t celebrated like Melbourne in the city, everybody waits until later to go out, but it’s slowly changing. I’m still in the habit of a friday night vino, as early as possible!

Best Road Trip

Does a boat trip count? Aboard with mates spending all day snorkelling and eating. Otherwise crammed in the back of a tiny mitsubishi colt with my two sisters as teenagers up the east coast of Australia – testing! Every weekend seems to be a mini road trip with the coast only 20 mins away. Very lucky!

Dream Road Trip

A cycling foodie road trip to southern Spain.


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