Kathryn Wilson

Kathryn Wilson

Auckland ~ October 10, 2014
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Kathryn Wilson's work, Photo: Tom Ross.

Kathryn Wilson stepped into the fashion industry feet first. Her signature brands Kathryn Wilson and Miss Wilson are playful, wearable and always unique, inspired by life in Auckland. Kath began her namesake brand over a decade ago and has now introduced the brand’s signature styles for a younger audience: Miss Wilson by Julia Ford. Julia was Kath’s first full time employee and today this twosome craft a full range together each season together.

Kathryn & Julia in store, Photo: Tom Ross.

Kathryn & Julia in store, Photo: Tom Ross.

Kathryn Wilson And Miss Wilson Footwear

Kath: Kathryn Wilson produce a limited amount of each style and colour which allows the wearer to feel confident they won’t see a lot of other girls wearing the same shoe at the office or at a party. We design innovative, unique footwear that offers the customers something different to mass produced trends. They are playful, confident and like to wear something different.

Top shelf, Photo: Tom Ross.

Top shelf, Photo: Tom Ross.

Julia: I joined the team in 2011 after working for Karen Walker and Kathleen Waite. Being the little sister brand to Kathryn Wilson, there’s room to add some quirkiness to the design and perhaps be a little bit more ‘on trend’ than the Kathryn Wilson collection. It might be an interesting colour, combination of textures or maybe a little gold hardware (or a lot). We like to think that the shoes are like candy for your feet. If you can look down at your shoes and smile excitedly then that’s a job well done! The brand aesthetic is really playful and light-hearted. A Miss Wilson fan wants to look good while having fun, every day. The heel heights are all really wearable too. Lots of our customers love that they can literally run in their Miss Wilson heels, get comfortably through the work day or dance all night if that way inclined.

Holding the fort, Photo: Tom Ross.

Holding the fort, Photo: Tom Ross.


Kath: Auckland, because I love being close to the water and my family.

Julia: I live in Auckland on Ponsonby Road. I love living in Ponsonby, everything is right there at your fingertips – great restaurant, bars, shopping etc. but what’s even better than that is the fact that nothing outside of that ‘city living’ realm is more than an hour drive. Great beaches, vineyards, countryside…everything is just there. I love to get out of town to my boyfriend’s beach house in Omaha or take the dog out west to Karekare beach. it’s a quick drive and you’ve escaped.

Kathryn in store, Photo: Tom Ross.

Kathryn in store, Photo: Tom Ross.

The Tops


Kath: Zomer, Takapuna Beach – Beautiful space, impeccable friendly, professional service, wonderful menu, great coffee.

Julia: Fred’s on the corner of Ponsonby and Franklin Rd is my fave. It’s a 30 second walk from my front door so I’m quite frequently half asleep when I roll in but they do amazing coffee and even better milkshakes. They’ve even opened a little vintage store underneath called Pocket Money Vintage where you can shop while you wait for your coffee…perfect!


Kath: Juliette Hogan, a one stop shop for outfits I can wear to work at 8am, meet friends for a drink then dinners out without having to change.

Julia: Well, I’m pretty excited about our new Herne Bay Boutique! It’s in the village away from the business of Ponsonby Road so it’s a good place to take your time and try on the entire collection. We have a private fitting area/office space upstairs which I’m enjoying using to host groups of excited girlfriends for afternoon sessions of sangria and shoes.

Kathryn Wilson's Botique

Kathryn Wilson’s Botique

Holiday Destination

Kath: Oyster Inn, Waiheke island. A wonderful bistro style Resturant with accomodation near the beach front of oneroa beach. Definitely worth a booking.

Julia: Turkey. I travelled around Turkey with a best friend a couple of years ago. There is no place like it in the world. Istanbul was a crazy, party- town, Cappadocia looks like Mars and then you go down south and it’s island paradise. It’s my happy place for sure.


Kath: Riding bikes onto the ferry to Waiheke then parking up at one of the many vineyards or wineries for a cheese platter and bottle of Rose.

Julia: Eating! The Blue Breeze in is a current fave. I was there twice last week, it’s divine. Otherwise I love a good trawl through vintage store. While I can’t list all of my favourite haunts Viva La Vintage is always well curated and I can honestly say I’ve never left there empty handed. It’s also just around the corner from our Devonport office.

Best Roadtrip

Kath: Our family combined with 2 others to bike our way around East Cape with 2 cars, tents and a boat. Each night we stopped at different camp grounds and made dinners in the shared kitchens and camp stoves. I was only 10 but remember it as one of my favourite family holidays.

Dream Roadtrip

Julia: It’s pretty cliché but I think route 66 would be a pretty amazing road trip. I’ve only seen big cities in the US and I’m sure there’s a whole treasure trove of weird and wonderful places still to discover.

Kath: There are several islands within an hour by ferry that you can escape to for bush walks, bird sanctuaries and unspoilt beaches.

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