Crate Cafe

Crate Cafe

Canggu ~ July 5, 2015
Bali / Eat/Drink / Indonesia / People

Maree Suteja, Photo: Tom Ross.

Maree Suteja had to check living in Bali off her to do list. The proprietor of Crate Café set up six months ago and now boasts, in her own words, “the best coffee on the island.” It’s a hub for creative up-and-comers to pick up their coffees before they start the day, where you can scrawl messages on the wall or pose in front of one of the many hand-painted murals. Born and bred in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Maree’s created her own little piece of paradise.

Mimi Elashiry interior decorating

Mimi Elashiry interior decorating, Photo: Tom Ross.

Caffeinated at Crate

Maree: I love people, food and coffee. It’s really all about the coffee here – our own blend of 3 Islands medium toasted. Our menu offerings are mostly brekky and it’s cratetastic. The Brekkie Board, So Corny, Rollover and The Barber are our most popular dishes. We do eggs every way possible. We also have Why So Cereal, which is frozen banana and dates with goodies on top; The Nom Nom Jar is our own bircher muesli; and of course our Froot Loop (tropical fruit platter). The design of the café was based on bringing the Bondi cafe scene to Bali: Hipster, surfer vibes.

Nun said Crate

Nun said Crate, Photo: Tom Ross.

Canggu, home of Crate. Photo: Tom Ross.

Canggu, home of Crate. Photo: Tom Ross.

We hold Crate Crate here – monthly exhibitions by a local Canggu community. It’s the perfect fit, a natural progression from the vibes created throughout the cafe and the local scene.

Good coffee always

Good coffee always, Photo: Tom Ross.

Many a clever dick to be found at Crate

Many a clever dick to be found at Crate, Photo: Tom Ross.

The creative scene in Bali is in an explosive state and everyone is networking, collaborating and sharing ideas. You can manifest your dreams in Bali – the island allows you to be creative – the weather, great people, transient crowds come and go, new ideas over coffee, collabs, sipping away and learning more and more each day. There’s TIME. Time to grab a massage, time to visit friends, time to ride a bike through the rice fields, time to breathe!

Greater Canggu

Greater Canggu, Photo: Tom Ross.

It’s the whole experience – our great music and vibe is all about coming in and chillin’. Life’s crate.

Bike gang scopin'

Bike gang scopin’ Photo: Tom Ross.

The Tops

Local Knowledge

CANGGU is the hidden secret.

Best Roadtrip

Bali to Sumatra overland.

Dream Roadtrip

Thats on my “to do list” also.

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