Boh Runga

Boh Runga

Auckland ~ October 7, 2014
New Zealand / People

Boh's mint Premiere, Photo: Tom Ross.

Boh Runga’s got a creative heritage. She grew up in a large, musical family in New Zealand. Her sister, Bic Runga, had one of the biggest indie hits of the ‘90s, Sway, but Boh has proved her success much more quietly. She’s been playing in bands since she was 13 and co-founded and fronted New Zealand band stellar* in the late ’90s.  She’s now established herself as a crafter of unique jewellery, with music and design as a common thread through her life. Including her beautiful cars.

Growing Up Boh

Boh outside the Auckland Mint where some of her work is on lock down, Photo: Tom Ross.

Boh outside the Auckland Mint where some of her work is on lock down, Photo: Tom Ross.

Boh: When I was growing up there was always singing or dancing going on. I pretty much thought all families were like that and was surprised to find many aren’t.

I’ve always loved accessories and have made things to wear since I was young but the jewellery designing came about after being introduced to The New Zealand Mint, a bullion company who were looking to revamp their jewellery department. They offered me the chance to produce my first collection, Birdland, which was well received and it all just took off from there. Much of what I design has a kiwi influence, I’m inspired by living in NZ and my surroundings here.

I found the Premier on TradeMe and not many come up in this condition. They are quite rare. I had the engine rebuilt as I wanted it to be my daily driver and not just an occasional Sunday ride. It runs beautifully. I also have a 1970 Pontiac Tempest coupe which looks like a Matchbox toy. After driving my ex’s 1970 mustang in LA when living there, it inspired me to keep an eye out for my own American muscle car. I stopped buying shoes and became obsessed with cars instead.

Drag you!? Photo: Tom Ross.

Drag ya!? Photo: Tom Ross.

The Tops


Auckland, New Zealand. It is where I want to be.


I’ve recently moved to the neighbourhood so I shall say Humbug Cafe in Glen Eden. Friendly people on staff and delicious food and coffee.


Very dangerous, I try not to wander along it too often but I love the clothing stores and gift shops along Ponsonby Rd in Auckland. Recommend Kate Sylvester and Ruby to name but a few…

Holiday Destination

Kauai, Hawaii hands down, is the most beautiful place in the world.


Eating. I’m a natural.

Local Knowledge

Don’t get on the North Western Motorway between 4pm- 6.30pm. You could be there for a while. Stay in town for a cocktail instead. I’m happy to meet you.

Best Roadtrip

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a lot, I have a lot of good driving memories. Enjoying the moody expanse of Patagonia listening to the mixtape CD made back at the hotel that same morning, the classic roadtrip from LA to Joshua Tree in the said Mustang, stopping for burritos at diners and chomping jerky from the 7 Elevens or doing The Big Sur, with sightseeing and various stop offs. My favourites; spending the night at the crazy Madonna Inn, a themed hotel where our room was like something from The Flintstones and whiling away the most relaxing hour, crosslegged, listening to trip hop in my headphones in front of the jellyfish tank at The Monterey Aquarium.

Dream Roadtrip

I’d like to do a roadie from the West to the East of the US. That would be a good time.


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