Betelnut Cafe

Betelnut Cafe

Canggu ~ September 14, 2014
Bali / Eat/Drink / Indonesia

Everyday I'm hungerin' . Photo: Tom Ross.

Betelnut is a Canguu institution. Like a scene from The Jungle Book with better food, Gypsy Wilson-Webster and partner Justin Masters create healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings in a treehouse. Joining forces with their individual skills, Justin a Chef and Gypsy a restaurant Manager, Betelenut’s on the top of any tourist recommendation list – but it’s endorsed by locals too. Including those that work there.

A Treehouse Eatery

Bike line up for the all day rush

Bike line up for the all day rush, Photo: Tom Ross.

Gypsy: Justin was living with his sister in-law and brother in a open plan house out in the rice fields of Dalung that resembled a treehouse and he was inspired by the casual, fun vibe. We wanted to create the same relaxed feel for the café.

Our food is Western with a Balinese influence. We use Bali spices (bumbu) in a lot of our dishes. We offer big salads, burgers, curries, wraps and even a healthy Mexican section. We also have a large selection of cakes including gluten free options.

Betelnut Cafe Chow

Chow, Photo: Tom Ross.

Our most popular breakfast option would be the Naga Bowl: sweet dragonfruit blended with banana and coconut milk, whipped into a puree topped with museli, shredded coconut, fresh strawberries and cashews. Our most popular Lunch/Dinner dish is our signature salad The Big Betelnut which is four of our fresh daily salads in a bowl together.

All our employees are local, with most coming from Bali, a few from Java and one from Sumba.

Heading upstairs the A spot

Heading upstairs the A spot, Photo: Tom Ross.


We live in Pantai Seseh about 15 minutes North of Canggu in Bali. We both surf so we wanted to be close to the ocean but also wanted to have some quieter living out in the rice fields.

Pink drank

Pink drank, Photo: Tom Ross.





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