Analogue Academy

Analogue Academy

Geelong ~ May 19, 2015
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Analogue Academy Geelong

Some of the best things humans have achieved aren’t available on a screen – and so is the case for analogue photography. James Cox, Danny Horvat and Joshua Maxwell DeHoog started Analogue Academy with the ambition to keep it lo-fi. The multi-tasking business in Geelong’s CBD acts as an art gallery, hot-doggery, tavern, and coffee shop, but most importantly as a space to educate anyone who’s interested in creating a less-than-ephemeral shot with film. Here’s to the good old days.


James Cox: Danny, Joshua and I all worked together as school photographers and wanted a change. Originally we were going to run a little film lab from my garage but then we found our space, leased it and thought perhaps we could all the things we’ve all wanted to ever try. I’ve always loved coffee. Josh and Danny have long loved film and we all love nice venues for a drink. We all love art and saw a gap in the Geelong art scene for a space like ours. We never wanted a clinical art space and that’s exactly what we don’t have.


Danny used to be a commercial photographer, I used to shoot weddings and Josh shot for magazines. We all come from different fields of photography but all started I suppose just because we liked it. Cameras were, and to some degree, are still one of the finer little pleasures in life. Some are well made instruments that are just plain old nice to hold and use. Especially the older ones.


Analogue photography requires patience and focus. If you don’t get it right when you take the shot there is no saving it later. It’s probably the pace at which you need to work, you can’t review all your work on the spot so you need to make sure you’ve got it right before moving on. Plus film is a many varied beast, from different film stock, colour, black and white. You need to know what you’re shooting, how you’re going to shoot it and what you want the end result to look like before you grab your camera. Digital is one tool for all situations – I suppose it’s far superior but at the same time, not.


Technology has put a camera in everyone’s hand, which is great, but it has also made each image more disposable which is not so great. A good photo is a good photo no matter whether it was taken on a beast of an old camera, a brand spankin’ new piece of expensive kit or a phone. I think technology has given more people the chance to take good photos, which is awesome, I just wish more people took the time to appreciate them.


I’ve always loved journalist and street photographers. I love to travel and see things I’ve not seen before so the journalists and street photographers strike a chord with me as far their ability to capture something so fleeting. Literally something they have never seen before and will probably never see again but they can still nail the shot. My personal favourite photographers are Henri Cartier-Bresson and Elliot Erwitt. They are both super famous and not exactly unique favourites but they are damn good.


We have been amazed that anyone found us to begin with and that the response has been pretty much unanimously positive regarding what we are offering and trying to achieve. Given that none of us have ever run a cafe, bar, gallery or a film lab before in our lives it’s been fantastic. The film community has been thrilled that we offer such a simple, quick and cheap service. The coffee community loves decent coffee and whilst we are no experts we run good beans (Cartel) through our machine and people keep coming back, so I take that as a positive sign. The art community has been very happy to see another space open up offering something slightly different and being run by three guys who are more than happy to get on board with any projects and events simply for the sake of helping.


The future plans are to add the bar (Taverna) and the Hot dogs in the coming weeks. Beyond that, we hope to add more Analogue Academies around the countryside offering film processing, good coffee, weird hot dogs, great beer and amazing art. That’ll probably be a long time off but we do want this thing to be huge one day.




Cartel Roasters


Joys Fabric Warehouse

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Port Fairy


Wine tasting in the region.

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Curlewis Estate and Lethbridge Wines are the best you’ve never tasted.

Best road trip

Geelong – Daylesford – Ballarat – Inverleigh – Geelong


 Analogue Academy

20 Cuzens Place, Geelong VIC, Australia




Winter and Summer trading hours: Mon-Fri 8.00am-4.30pm / Sat 8.30am – 2pm


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